Decorating Smart....and trends

i recently had a little "fight" on facebook with a client and very good friend about the barn-fresh trend of decorating.  When I lived with my first husband he declared that our house should be decorated using the color BEIGE....i'm not kidding. everything was beige. the color of my skin in winter. pale. hard to hide dirt. boring. And, it's probably why I'm not feeling this white on white, too clean style of decorating. In fact, i painted the newly renovated antique shop walls an off-black, in protest to all that white. oh joanna!

I do indeed study decor and styling. It started back when I was about 13 when my mother allowed me to purchase SEVENTEEN magazine monthly at the drug store. i actually had my name in with the staff ladies and as soon as that magazine came in, they would call and let me know it was in....i'd walk uptown to gather the news of color, fashion and all the stuff i desired to know about being current.

Now that i own a business, I find that I need to be on top of the trends so I can sell stuff. You are correct. People are no longer buying antiques as a rule in local Napoleon. They are just decorating their homes. The quality of furniture and appointments, accessories are made well and hold the test of time. I have more recently seen fine furniture that i sold several years ago with a grimace, painted turquoise, or purple and distressed, on marketplace...they are trying to sell these pieces at the same price i sold them for. no. no. no. this is not right. and you even figured out it wasn't right. but wait, a little story for you.

Once again, when I was a teenager, my mother painted lots of furniture avocado green and then "antiqued" it and slapped a spread eagle decal on piano was painted this way. Then 10 years down the road, my mom was stripping everything with that new Formbys stuff....acid that burned through gloves and burned her. What a price for decor.

This is my word to the wise: The basics of your furniture should be the most expensive that you can AFFORD. It should be made of wood. These items could be the dining room table and chairs and your kitchen table and chairs. The biggest piece of upholstered furniture should be the most expensive piece you can AFFORD that is wood framed and a neutral color. It should have classic lines and be able to be slip-covered easily. All the other stuff you purchase can be as trendy as you want. Print, bold colored chairs, modern or whatever side tables. a fantastic rug...if you follow this rule, you won't spend a fortune all your life re-doing it all. Be smart. Trends are here for a reason. They make you feel "with it" and on top of things in fashion and design.