WHOA! new website!!!!!

Just this week, I launched the new Mkat's Antiques Website.




My physical space antique shop gives me the chance to express my creativity and do my craft and express myself...really. It's my space. On my terms.

The shop is over-filled with beautiful things for the shopper but as we all know, retail business is changing radically. In order for us to maintain a lifestyle that we require, we have had to figure out how to do business in a very diverse way. Selling items online with EBAY has helped my business substantially. And now, I have added the option to show you all the things in my shop with a click of an ON button in the comfort of your own home. A mini-amazon at your fingertips.


If you are local, the shipping is no big deal...continue to shop in this lovely space and we'll mark it for pick-up. Adding that shipping option will help you, if you were here last week, do not live near by and have been losing sleep over that object that you should have bought but didn't. 


It will be a long, tedious process. It will take a while to get every item up so you can see it. But diligence is my strong point, and it will happen in good time.