The Stuff you've got in the basement....the attic!

It is so funny. Some of you have these things in your possession and just don't know what to do with them. The tags that were left on items by your grandmother that said "under any circumstance, do not sell this. this belonged to Aunt Millie....." and so you have kept them. But you'll never use them. Take a walk through again, if you spot these items, we'd better talk. Here are a few that I know about:

1. trunks. hip top and flat tops. not bringing the money they used to....but they are functional. They hide blankets, kid school paperwork. your wedding dress.

2. Old toys. metal, beat-up and moth eaten. Today, those "beat-up items" bring more beat up then new....i better take a look. also old doll houses, dishes.

3. Portable sewing machines. some have value. especially the small suitcase type. and especially the Singer featherweight and the Bell Micro bell...

4. Old trophies. yep. we like them. decorator pieces for shelf setting. the older the better, especially bakelite parts, horn and SILVER.

5. quilts. You might not like them but others do....check with me. once again. if they are old and stained, they still have value.

6. stetson hats or dobbs. men's vintage wool dress hats sell to mostly theatre and stage folks and for a few who still wear them. they bring good money.

7. coin banks. cast iron, metal, ceramic, pottery. almost any are asked for in my shop. especially if there is still a rubber stop in the bottom or all parts are present.

8. Old books. I love books and folks on ebay do too. Children's books, botonical, biology and math books. they are the best for me.

9. lamps and lamp parts. the parts are the biggest thing. we always have a lamp that needs fixed. i get them re-wired. lamps with shades and globes. painted or stained glass. i'll look at almost any lamp.

10. lunch boxes, picnic stuff and camping equipment. prices are all over the place for these items. they are becoming decorator things more and more. bring them in.

11. old typewriters. people are using them again. i'm interested.

12. old silverware. use to eat with and to craft with. there is value. i still like dinnerware sets. they go for cheap, but they do sell.

so once the flowers are planted and you start purging again, call me. i'll help you liquidate all that stuff you don't need. someone in the world does need it or want it. i'm your gal. km