2020 Mkat's Antiques: a brand new shop! again.

I have been thinking about the change since the shop's 10th Anniversary. In just ten short years, the nature and business of my shop has changed much. I opened my shop in September of 2009, at the height of an economy crisis. The gas prices across the street reached well over $4.00 per gallon. Folks would stop in front of my shop with their trunk filled with stuff to sell. I was selling all of my things, that I'd formerly been selling in consignment booths in Northwest Ohio. It was a true buyers market. Also, for some unknown reason, I started taking other folks' stuff to sell for them. Consigning. 

When I initially drew up my first business plan, the TYPE of store I envisioned was an unique place where women could come to drink coffee, knit, read, chat, sell their crafts and wares and shop. The living area that i had dreamed of was soon consumed with furniture, glass, dolls, costume jewelry and stuff.  As I finished the tenth year in business, the initial dream had not been born and I no longer had space to place MY things, let alone have friends hang out. I could no longer buy, mostly because other people's things were in my space. 

That brings me to this January. Actually, before January. The day after Christmas, I began the arduous task of moving every single piece of glass, tools, box, crate, table so that I could re-paint. I also packed up every single one of my consignor's items into boxes with their inventory sheets and moved that stuff out the door. They were all so happy about my new store and all seemed ok with me returning their things. I waited too long. This task should have happened years ago. I was always afraid that my people wouldn't be happy with me. Really? It worked out just fine.

So on January 21, i am typing away with a finished shop. Walls are painted. glass has been moved to the GLASS HALLWAY where all pieces are arranged in a ROY G BIV arrangement. (folks don't ask for tiffin glass, or fostoria glass, they ask for a blue vase. a white bowl). The furniture and other items are set up in vignettes so folks can see how to use antiques. Nothing stacked and hidden. All items sectioned off into eras and themes. Yes, I still have a tool room, (or my MAN room) and Yes, I still have the book room.

On Feb 1st. I will take down the newspaper affixed to the windows, wash them and flip on the lights. I know I'm going to be exceptionally pleased with the sunshine blaring into all the front windows. I am pretty sure, you will feel less confined. It will be less likely for you to trip over things and you'll be able to find things much better. Now I wait to see if "John Q Public" can live with this antique shop. I profusely thank my friends and consignors who helped me start my shop. Your things did indeed sell and you got to make some money too. But for now, I think this new change, is the right thing to do.