September? the holidays are appoaching...

I don't know if you wonder this....but when September rolls around, i start thinking about the holidays.

Fall nights are probably the best thing that happens in the world. Not only do we get to get our sweaters, socks and boots out again, we also lounge more on the couch with football and plaid blankets, comfort food. Halloween with kids eating candy and all the fantastic fall colors and the crunch of leaves. Before you know it, it's Thanksgiving....and time just sped by. You have done no shopping and yes. we're starting to freak out. 

So as we're freaking out, purchasing all the toys, technical gifts, appliances....remember. there will be one party that you want to look great at. The company shindig. A quiet night at home with a handful of your friends. But you also want to look like you stepped out onto the bandbox! A little black dress or those comfy wool slacks and a velvet top. Why not splash some fun on that shoulder and get yourself some rhinestones? Little scatter pins or a big obnoxious pin/brooch to remind everyone of that "bright shiny star". Often shops that sell antiques, also have a huge assortment of costume jewelry. The jewelry from the 30's, 40's and 50's was the best. Made to mimic the stars on the Hollywood Silver-Screen, these big and showy pieces were created by well known jewelers who prong-set the glass stones. Vermeil, gold over sterling washes and well made silver and goldtone plating that looked like the real deal. Wartime, and no one could afford real diamonds for weekend wear. So this is what happened. As a result, there are so many jewels such as this in your mother's jewelry box....grab it now. Or stop in at Mkat's Antiques and pick out a few. Clear rhinestones are the best. But the great mimic-er's also chose every color in the rainbow. 

I remember as a child, my mom walking out of her bedroom, ready to go out to dinner with Dad. A black dress, dangly rhinestone earrings and a big round rhinestone pin on her red coat. Smelling like "White Shoulders" and smiling....because for one night, she was just my Dad's date and not necessarily a mom.....she looked like a movie star!