Living with Color in a Gray/Grey World

I was listing some items on Ebay this week, when i ran across a new post from my friend and Napoleon Partner in Retail Business, Chris Chamberlain. His video was short and very sweet about using Gray in your decorating. I think he hit the nail on the head. Color is trendy so get ready to use it now and then change it up later. I am also hearing you talk about that special paint chip you are using in your living areas and you are stuggling with matching grays and grays together. Did you know that Gray is one of the hardest colors to use? There are so many shades of this color. Ones that have a brown, green, blue or lavendar undertones. And when placing grays together, what a mess it can be.

My mother taught me lots of things. This one stands out pretty big in my mind. When you are beginning a room deco plan, choose neutral backgrounds and use color to change with the season. So think about this. Gray walls, gray flooring, a darker gray couch, (because this is the biggest piece of furniture in the room). Silver tables and glass, Navy blue splashes of color and yellow! yikes. How gorgeous would that be? or, same walls, flooring, couch: add red and white color. or orange or purple, or pink...or all neutrals, gray, beiges, browns! Each season you can switch out a small upholstered chair, toss pillows, paintings, pottery, area rugs....But your basics are there. Just waiting for you to change your mind again. And your husband won't get all whacked out because you're buying new furniture. You're just buying new accessories. And they can be purchased for cheap and cheerful. Go ahead. Get the gray couch from George's Furniture. But then stop in at the Mkat's Antiques and get some crazy fun accessories. Pieces of colored glass. A Lap robe, a big glass green bowl to fill with dominos or pine cones. If you're shy about making the jump, stop in, ask for advice. i'll help you decorate. Really? really. And if I don't have what you're looking for, I'll shop for you. Geez....get some color in your life.