I guess I need to make a plan...

Yikes. I don't know. The Ohio Governor says we can open May 12th. I never got the St Patrick's Day things out, or the Easter things this year. I've been so lucky to be busy and able to digitally sell items and keep my business "open". I've also been lucky to have purchased my building, most of the inventory is mine. The thing I miss the most, is YOU and being in the space. Because my business was not deemed an essential business, I have been sequestered to home and a daily trip up to pick up the mail (bills), sell and meet a few folks I know, and move some things around. Ebay Business has been exceptionally good considering no one needs luxury items or things they want, but don't need. 

I plan to wear a mask in my shop. To protect you. Mkat's will open again, just don't know when. I am not a paranoid type person. Logically and practically, I can see myself locking the door, you knock, I open, we do some browsing and chatting, you purchase something and I wait on someone else to come in. If I was home, I could cook a meal, do some laundry, post some ebay and still meet you at the shop within minutes. So think about this with me:

1. "Don't you need the business"? Sure I do. But I also want this pandemic to blow over my town. Maybe if I spread lamb blood over the door, it will miss me. I'm healthy as a horse...but so were other folks who contracted this disease and then died.

2. "But you know me...and you know I'm healthy"...yes. I know you. And because I know you, I'm going to be safe so you are. A great percentage of my customers are not local. They come off St. Rt 24 and the 80/90 Turnpike from Detroit, Chicago. Random folks call and meet me to sell items. I don't know them. I don't know anything about their health history, I don't know the last time they washed their hands. ????

3. "I think we're safe here. Henry County has had so few outbreaks of the covid19"...yep. I know that too. It takes one person to kick it off. It only takes ONE PERSON.

So to start, I will be open limited days. If I commit to a day, I'll be there regular hours. I will clean like the dickens in between customers. I will probably have more sales outside and limited inside traffic. I will continue to meet you by appointment. I will sell to you one on one through my facebook posts, ebay and my website. I will continue to offer the estate/tag sale option, which means at least we can start planning now for that, stage your place and wait for the time to sell your things. Day to day, I will assess what to do next. And I will post information so you know. I value you. You folks have been the best. I will continue to serve you, the best I can. km