You probably don't know this about me....but I am a saver. I'm not quite a hoarder yet, but I am frightened by the things that I have accumulated in my life. One of the reasons I opened an Antique shop was to help me purge....and guess what happened? You are Correct! It didn't help. So currently I've been thinking up a plan that will help me organize my things.




1. Intuition: I should know right off, that if it "doesn't feel good", I shouldn't keep it. You know the feeling. It has been picked up, boxed, hung, moved countless times. No matter what, when I look at that item again, it just doesn't fit. I'm going to GET RID OF IT!


2. Repairable? stacks of things missing just one part. Or it has a scratch and it hasn't been repaired yet, or it would look better in a different color...still not painted. A small hole that can be mended? nope. GET RID OF IT!


3. Gifts: what a lovely gesture. A beautiful gift that i just don't like. It doesn't fit correctly, it is uncomfortable, wrong color. I might hurt someones feelings by not keeping it. This is what I do know. The person who gave it meant well. They won me over by thinking of me. But is is an object. GET RID OF IT!


4. I already have one: I currently have 3 wine openers in the utensil drawer. I will give 2 openers away. I have 3 black turtleneck sweaters, 15 coats, a collection of majolica plates. It's time to chose the best and the nicest and the rest? GET RID OF IT!




1. There is a time and a place for everything. If I continue to shove objects in a drawer or closet for another day, it is not working. If an object belongs somewhere, where it belongs then KEEP IT!


2. Today, this item works in my life. Yesterday I collected English plates, today I don't care much for them. That was two houses ago and the era of those plates does not match my life now. But there are new collections that give me joy. KEEP IT!


3. Would I purchase the item again? The cashmere sleep pants! The bars of organic soap and the books for the bookshelf. Of course you just KEEP IT!


4. Sentimental. Photos of my parents and children. Frames handed down to me to place them in. The quilt on the back of the couch. Travel souvenoirs, marbles, lace, doll accessories. My heart is involved here and I'll never think of hiding or losing them. KEEP IT!