Feeling a bit FIESTY this fall...

Today, I'd like to talk with you about doing my business in a WEIRD time:

I like to wear my mask. I like being an example to the folks who come into my business. I don't like washing down stuff and being exceptionally busy with cleaning, but I do it. I think my place is a safe house. Add politics to all this and it's madness. I like keeping to myself, working VERY hard on projects. It's a good thing...because to be frank, walk in business sucks.

Oh, there are lots of walk-ins. Some questions. Some interest. They leave. Very few or no purchases. I clean.

What you will find about Mkat's Antiques, is, a full website of things to buy. The ease of making decisions about lovely things, paying and meeting me whenever you want. (we call that arm-chair shopping) a powerful ebay presence like none before (for the masses). On-line business is doing great. and I'm ok with that. I own my building (thank god) and don't have to pay rent to do what I love. But I do have taxes, utilities. I'm still buying beautiful items and I am taking limited consignment items from folks I like only. Yep. I've gotten REAL picky. My standards have always been high...and maybe I've come off being hoity-toity...that message has never been intended. But damn it. I just don't need to do things like I used to. I don't need to be open regular hours. I don't need to put out the Halloween stuff. I can walk around the block at lunch if I want to. And guess what I found?  I'm pretty happy! 

So, until there is a vaccine, until you folks wear your masks without me having to ask you, until kingdom comes...I'm going to pretty much be around most of the time, but sometimes, I won't.

So there.