Collections are of ULTIMATE importance!
As a child, i remember going into my grandparent's antique shop in Florida, Ohio. It was located on the south side of State Route 24 (now changed to County Road 424) in the "old jail". You know it now as the plum colored two story house. There was indeed a jail in the building. The bars of the jail were made out of heavy 2 x 2 oak lumber made into a cross-hatch sort of design. The shop smelled of my grandfather's pipe tobacco, furniture polish, linseed oil and paint. And old things. Of course the family tradition of collecting things probably happened before mother soon became an antique dealer and it was always in our blood. 
I am also an artist. So collections were a major part of my life. There was always a still life to build. Parts and Pieces that would be important later for another project. When I was about 8, my mother asked what i would like to collect. It took me months to make a decision on one thing. As I grew, my like and loves have changed dramatically. The first collection of PURPLE things has long since been given to my daughters or sold. As I progressed in age, things that I loved and collected were the means to a treasure hunt. After acquiring much of what i collected, I either got bored with it, or the objects were harder or too easy to find, so the collections would change.
Collecting is still a big part of my life. Not only because I purchase now for my physical store, but the types of items I love most remind me of my family. The colors of my living space have been determined by my collections. Obviously, when someone enters my house, they can see immediately what kind of person I really am.  My contents speak volumes about me.
I am so sorry for the new decorator way of designing interiors of homes. Gray, minimal and sterile. But mostly I am sad because I am at a loss of knowing the person I'm visiting because they show no secrets about memories, their past and their ultimate love of things. I am in hopes that the trend changes. I miss discovering YOU in your treasures.