Cha, Cha, Cha...changes!

Being Mkat's Antiques, I have learned so much. I have changed the way to do my business so many times since I opened September of 2009. In 2021, I have decided to yet diversify again and work at something else...very related to my business. I have LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the time spent with people, selling antiques and wonderful items. This space has been a gift to me especially...I escape here all hours of the day or night, on my days off and when I've been scheduled. Some of that will continue. But in a very different way for you.

Mkat's Antiques will close its retail doors. The Covid pandemic changed everything for me. I got stuck in my house for a while, but guess what? I learned how to do something new. My internet VIRTUAL business has taken off and I am not only reaping the benefits of shopping (which is the best part of owning a business) and selling (which is the end result that shows me I can be successful at this) but also reaching out further with MY concept of MY business. Always learning new things, new ways to do work online, new ways to make customers happy and better ways of doing this business for me. 

So how does this look? To tell you the truth, I'm not sure. I will still be in the building. I will still post stuff to Facebook, Instagram. I may have a BLOW OUT/OPEN the back DOOR sale or more this year. I don't need to "get rid of things", so there will be no GOING OUT OF BUSINESS stuff. I can still purchase your items. I can still do some consignment. I can still help you purge. I just won't be open to the public like I was before.

So the good news? I have booth space at Heart of Ohio, Springfield, Ohio. I have booth space at the Maumee Antique Mall. I will be working with Kigar Realty & Auction, setting up online auctions and staging. I will still do estate sales. And the best news of all, is I'm getting older and I still love working. And I'm going to do it this way until the next big idea comes around.