Are you ready for an estate/tag sale?

It's that time of year. The basement, the garage and the back bedroom have become war zones during the winter months. Stacks of "what the heck do i do with that?" items are stacked and ready for a good ol' purge.

Consider mkat's when selling the family home, moving to a smaller space or retirement home. Consider me when preparing to move a loved one into assisted living. Consider me during times of separation: following divorce or the loss of a loved one. Consider me if you just want to simplify or downsize.

Call mkat today. This is what you can expect:

1. Evaluation: a private conversation focused on your cherished belongings and unique goals at whatever stage of life you are living.

2. Pricing: Assessment of profitability based on current trends, mkat's wide product knowledge and in-depth research of specialty items.

3. Staging: organization and display for a safe and engaging shopping experience.

4. Advertising: promotion via, Facebook, Instagram, and local newspapers. Your sale will be well attended!

5. Hosting of Sale: Crowd management, shopper assistance, and staff provided" cash, credit, personal checks are delightfully excepted.

6. Post Sale: General cleanup included, unsold items can be organized and donated at your request. Staging for sale of home or property also available.

7. Online Sales or Consignment: specialty and high-end antiques can be sold online or in store at mkat's.

I can provide professisonal assistance you need for a successful, organized ad well promoted sale. I focus on all the right details; helping clients manage overwhelming decisions with clarity, efficiency and grace.