2020....Changes for another New Year for Mkat's

Mkat's Antiques has been open for over ten years. There is not a morning, as I'm walking in with my laptop, my tote and personal effects bag, that i don't praise the Lord above for giving me this space. My Space!  It is my first coffee in the morning, the first news of the day, the first day to visually find art to post, a first time to sit and sip and look over this den of junk and stuff. Creative stuff spilling out everywhere. papers, price tags, newspaper, boxes of glass and jewelry. A treasure trove of Christmas, eeking from cardboard boxes. With this said, this is the next move....

My business is nestled in a downtown community on the banks of the Maumee River. I love my clients. They arrive on a cycle. Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. They have collections and items to look for. The local people....they don't really care that I'm here. Oh don't get me wrong. Some are my friends and we stand and chat and catch up, or they stop in to pick up peanut brittle. But all in all, they are not my shoppers. They are not my shoppers who keep me in business. 

The Antique business has changed a lot. In January, I plan to close the doors for the month and do a pretty drastic renovation of my space. Some new lighting, Some new paint. Some new things. A Lot of the old antiques are going to auction. I think you'll be super surprised to see the transformation. Believe it or not, it's not for you. It's for me.

If you've ever owned a business and if you are an "organizer" you know already that we're never satisfied. As soon as our goals are set, there is a new goal on the horizon to meet. New ways to set up points of sales, packaging, displaying. Even dealing with people. You know that dust does not settle on me...and this is my next look into the future. The holidays will be over soon and I'll dig in here. I am not going anywhere. Just changing again. Hope you will love the new Mkat.